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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Create an interactive map of the campus with real time updates on events, classes, and other activities.

2. Create an online forum where students can ask questions and share experiences with each other.

3. Allow students to sign up for classes directly from the website with payment options.

4. Integrate a virtual assistant to help students find classes, navigate the campus, and answer general questions.

5. Develop a mobile app with notifications of upcoming events, classes, and activities.

6. Develop a virtual reality tour of the campus and facilities.

7. Develop a game-based learning platform to help students learn and understand material better.

8. Create an online marketplace where students can buy and sell textbooks and other materials.

9. Allow students to create their own personal profiles and connect with other students.

10. Develop an AI-driven chatbot to answer student questions and provide information.

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